How to avoid being raped at a strip club

A popular strip club in the San Francisco Bay Area has been sued for not properly training its staff.

The suit, filed in federal court in San Francisco, says a strip bar named Ace Hotel in the Mission District of San Francisco is violating federal safety regulations when it allows its employees to enter and use the club’s bathrooms.

The lawsuit, filed by the Center for Biological Diversity, says the club violated federal law by allowing women and men to use the facilities without protective equipment.

It says staff members are encouraged to enter the bathrooms by using a “safety harness.”

The suit says the harness is “not designed for anyone who is asexual.”

It says the “safety” part is misleading because it allows the harness to be worn by anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable.

“These are not the safest spaces in the world, and it’s a sad commentary on the industry,” said Jessica Pare, senior counsel with the Center.

Pare said it’s not uncommon for strip clubs to use safety harnesses, which are similar to the ones used by professional athletes, but they are usually worn for one person.

The harness has a zipper on the side so you can attach it to your belt and can also be used by women or men who are wearing a mask.

The suit says it’s also common for women to wear a mask to cover their mouth or ears, but the suit says no one has been disciplined or disciplined at the club for using the harness for protection.

The complaint alleges that the club did not properly train its staff to use and secure safety harness during a July 2014 incident.

The company is named as defendants in the lawsuit.

It declined to comment on the lawsuit when reached by phone.

The San Francisco District Attorney’s Office declined to say whether it would pursue criminal charges against the club.


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