‘New York Escorts’: How The New York City Escort Industry Became A ‘Big Money’ Business

NEW YORK, NY — New York City escorts have become the poster child for a new breed of escort, one that makes its living by making millions by enticing people to come to their houses, hotels, clubs and even restaurants.

As a result, they have become a hot topic in the industry.

“New York escorts are very much a lifestyle,” said Lauren Bevins, who founded the New York-based escort service The New Yorker Escorts.

“They are not the traditional escort, they are not just escorts, they make a living from it.

They do not have to be paid, and they are in demand.”

Bevins said she began the New Yorker in 2013, just as the industry began to take off.

“I thought I would try to cater to a more adult clientele, to cater for the young, for the business savvy people,” she said.

But soon, she realized that many people are looking for escorts who have money, time and experience.

New York’s escorts made about $1.5 million in revenue last year, a huge jump from 2014, according to the New Yorkers Escorts Association.

For some of the new breed, the jump is even more impressive.

“It is a business.

You don’t want to look like you are doing a charity thing.

You have to look professional,” said Jennifer Williams, a New York Escort who has been featured in Entertainment Tonight and the Huffington Post.

In an industry that’s not so much about sex as it is about money, the New Orleans-based company also became the subject of a documentary called “New York Girl,” which debuted at Sundance earlier this year.

The show features interviews with escorts from around the country, with some revealing the secrets behind their lucrative careers.

New York-born Jennifer Williams is one of the New Jersey-based escorts featured in the documentary, “New Jersey Girl.”

She said she had a lot of money and was lucky to have a husband who made money and supported her when she had to work.

But the real money comes from a variety of ways, including advertising and endorsements.

“There’s no way you can live off the success of the escorts,” she told CNN.

“We’re doing it for our clients.

I have clients that come up to me and say, ‘You know, I have a client, I’m doing this and that.’

That’s the way I make money.”

For some New York escort agents, the success comes from being able to bring in clients.

“In New York, we have a very tight network,” said Bevens.

“If we get a client that is interested, we can go to a client who doesn’t know about the escorting service and they can be the one that brings the client to the client.”

The New York city escorts were able to raise over $3 million last year from endorsements and advertising, according the New NY Escorts Foundation.

The New Yorker website boasts that it helps to “create the best escorts in the world.”

Its profile describes the business as “an elite escort network in New York and beyond.”

In addition to offering an array of services from escorting, to escorting weddings, to working with celebrities, the site boasts that “you can become the ultimate escort.”

“I love escorts because they can create a whole lifestyle,” Bevans told CNN, adding that it is an industry with “so much more than sex.”

While the industry is booming in New Jersey, the escort industry has its detractors.

The New Jersey Office of the Attorney General said the industry has grown to more than $4 billion in revenues, but has “lost its way.”

“I do think there is a real danger in the business,” said Michael McAleese, a spokesman for the office.

“You’re seeing an industry which is a very big business, and there are people that are making money off of it.”

The city of New York has been cracking down on the business, however.

On Feb. 16, the city enacted new laws that could see the city force New York New York to license escorts and impose stiff penalties on operators.

The New Yorkers escorts also recently launched a new website to raise awareness about the industry, which is currently only accessible by calling 800-777-4747 or texting “NYC Escorts.”

New Yorker CEO, Lisa Gavilanes, said she plans to take the issue to Congress, saying that “this industry is a lot bigger than one person.”

According to the city, there are more than 1,000 licensed escorts operating in New New York.

The city has also launched a hotline for people to report suspected instances of fraud.

The city also recently passed a law requiring that escorts use a license and register with the city.


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