5-11-17 Montréal escorts and escort mcallens

5-10-17 I just posted this to Hacker News, but it was worth highlighting: Montreal escort and escort manager Marc Marotte was fired from his job at Five-11, a gourmet coffee shop located on the High Street in the Montréal suburb of St-Henri. 

He has since moved to another cafe and has never been a regular at the establishment, according to his employer. 

On April 6, 2017, Marotte was asked by a customer to come back to work for a “special” coffee date. 

“It was a special occasion for me, but for the last few days I haven’t been there,” he wrote in an email to The Globe and Mail, confirming that he had not worked there for a while. 

After a brief meeting, he went back to the bar. 

Maroit resigned and was fired the next day.

He said he is no longer a customer of the café. 

Montreals escorts are among the most well-known in the city.

They are also notorious for their demand for cafés, and often require a driver to drive them to their destinations. 

Their business is based on escorting customers around, and many of them say they are not allowed to work in other businesses. 

The Monty’s escorts have recently become a target for the Gendarmes. 

Gendarmerie investigators raided a number of locations in Montgomery, including the Malleau’s hotel and La Ciotat’s retail store last week. 

They confiscated computers, cellphones, and video surveillance devices. 

According to Gendarmeries spokesperson Michele Guillemin, the investigation is being conducted by the National Bureau of Investigation and is being assisted by other police forces. 

Marlotte’s employer, Five11, was also investigated last week by Gendarme. 

However, there was no indication that the company was directly implicated in the alleged crime. 

Marcotte told The Gazette that he is currently pushing for his termination, as he has not been a customer for the past few days. 

If he has to pay his ex-employer $150 a day for his absence, Marcot will take it, he said. 

When contacted by The Huffington Post, Mamarotte said that he doesn’t know the circumstances of his dismissal, but that he has received several threats from the Gendarmes. 

A spokesperson for the Gendarmers said it is an ongoing investigation, but “the investigations are ongoing, and as the Grenda are an extremist group, we cannot comment on individual cases.” 

More from the Huffington Post:


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