Which escort agencies charge the most in India?

Baton rouging escort in Delhi, Delhi’s biggest city, charges Rs 2,800 a night.

Escorts in the city charge between Rs 2 and 3,000.

It’s a business model that can be lucrative for some.

But Delhi’s escorts are not the only ones who charge high prices.

In Mumbai, for example, there are a lot of escort agencies that charge exorbitant prices for escorts.

In Bangalore, a woman from Bangalore who asked not to be identified told The Times of India that in Bangalore, escorts in Bangalore charge between 20-30 times more than their counterparts in Mumbai.

In Mumbai, escorting agencies charge an average of Rs 1,200 a night in Mumbai, while a woman in Bangalore told The Indian Express that the average rate was between Rs 600 and Rs 1.5 lakh.

In Bangalore, Mumbai’s most expensive city, women who live in the upscale area of Thane charge around Rs 1 lakh a night for a full house.

But in the slums of Mumbai, they can expect to pay between Rs 300 and Rs 600.

These prices can be higher for women who are in their early twenties or even older.

“Many of these women who were in their twenties and thirties would get up at 5.30am and come home at 11.30pm,” said a local woman who does escort work.

“The next morning, they would be in a very desperate situation.

I don’t know how much the girls are going to make.”

The prices vary from city to city, and can be as high as Rs 1 crore.

The woman from Thane said her clients were constantly trying to get their escorts to pay their bills.

“It was very expensive for me,” she said.

In a recent survey, women said they were not allowed to leave the house without their escort.

This was due to the fact that the police were enforcing the law against them for leaving their homes without their escort.

“When you come home, you are under house arrest,” said the woman from Kheri.

“You cannot leave your house without your escort, even if you have a taxi.”

Another escort told The Hindu that she had not left her home since November last year, and that she still earns about Rs 200 per month.

“My family is supportive, but my job is not for me to leave.

My husband does not want to leave me,” the woman said.


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