Little Rock Escorts to Make Their MTV Movie Trailer for ‘Saving Private Ryan’

This is an excerpt from “Saving Your Private Ryan: The Rise of the Little Rock Sex Escorts,” the first in a two-part miniseries about the life of a young, sexy escort.

You can watch part one of the series here.

The show’s executive producers are: Laura Shigihara, who also wrote the hit comedy “The Princess Diaries” and the upcoming Netflix series “Lilyhammer”; and Krista DeNardo, who co-wrote the Emmy-winning “Little Rock.”

“Saved” follows a young woman named Jessica who is a stripper and a prostitute in her native Arkansas.

Her boyfriend has been arrested for kidnapping and she is desperate to make ends meet.

Jessica also finds herself on a quest to save a young girl named Mabel who is the daughter of a local police chief.

When a series of brutal murders begin to unravel, Jessica must decide whether she wants to stay and face the consequences of her past actions or to help her daughter survive.

Jessica and Mabel have become the only escapees from Little Rock.

They embark on a journey to save Mabel from the clutches of a vicious criminal, and Jessica’s new boyfriend, a former drug dealer who has been living in Little Rock for the past six years.

They also discover a new life in the town of Little Rock, where a local high school has a football team, a theater, a basketball team, and even a golf course.

This is a compelling story that examines how young women have overcome the trauma of the past and found a way to move forward.

“Saves” is produced by “Sandra Bullock,” whose credits include “Lucky Girl,” “Thelma & Louise,” “A Very Murray Christmas,” and “The Great Gatsby.”


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