Palm Springs escort says she was ‘sexually assaulted’ by men while on a mission

Palm Springs, Calif.

— A Palm Springs Escort was sexually assaulted by four men who threatened to kill her in the middle of the night while she was on a “mission” to save the world from nuclear weapons, the woman’s attorney said Thursday.

The Escort, identified only as Michelle, told The Palm Springs Advocate in a telephone interview that the men, who are all male, raped her in an Escort’s suite during a dinner party at the Westin Hotel in South Bend, Ind., late last month.

The incident, which occurred while she and her husband were attending a dinner and bar in a room with other Escorts, occurred after the two were in the room for a night out, Michelle said.

The men, the attorney said, asked her to join them for dinner after she was invited.

The women were not allowed in their suite because she and the other Escorts were “secretly in the suite” with other VIPs.

According to Michelle, she and another Escort were “stuck in a conversation” in their Suite while she tried to call for help.

After they tried to leave the suite, the men began asking Michelle to leave as she was trying to make the call, the lawyer said.

Michelle’s husband, the alleged rapist, allegedly “asked the Escort to leave so he could enter their suite and start making sexual advances toward Michelle,” according to Michelle’s attorney.

The two Escorts left, and Michelle said she and Michelle’s husband left the suite together.

Michelle was in the Escorts’ suite for a “date” after the dinner party, Michelle’s lawyer said, but was not invited.

When she was forced to leave, Michelle “was in complete fear of her life.”

According to the attorney, the Escorteds told Michelle they were going to kill Michelle and her friends.

The Escorts allegedly told her they would kill her if she tried calling for help, according to the lawyer.

“This was a complete betrayal of their promises to her,” the attorney wrote.

Michelle called the Escortings on Thursday to let them know what happened to her.

The attorney also told The Advocate that the Escorters are currently at a “point in their lives where they are looking for help and it is in their best interests to do something about it.”

The Escorts have not responded to a request for comment.


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