How to Survive the Nightshift in Houston as Hurricane Harvey Pummels the US coast

By JAY RICHARDSON-JOHNSON and STEPHEN RUSSELL | National Geographic MagazineA night shift is a crucial time for drivers in Houston.

A night shift can mean the difference between a good night and a terrible one.

The first night shift shifts have a job to do, and drivers are expected to make the most of the shift by keeping the engine running and checking in on passengers.

But if they get too distracted, the night shift may not have enough time to finish the job and drivers may not be able to get to their destination.

One of the first things that drivers need to know about night shifts is that they’re not for everyone.

In Houston, night shifts are only allowed to operate during daylight hours, meaning they are only open during the daytime.

Drivers are also required to follow safety rules, which includes not driving while drunk or impaired, wearing seat belts, and wearing protective eyewear.

As a result, night shift drivers in Texas can find themselves behind the wheel of a heavy vehicle in the early hours of the morning, without the safety precautions and the rest of the safety team onboard to help them.

Drivers also face the risk of being hit by vehicles that were driving at a high rate of speed.

When drivers get to work the next morning, they’re expected to keep their headlights on, take their eyes off the road, and keep their windows rolled down when they’re waiting to be picked up.

It’s not just the time of day that matters; it’s the driver’s attitude.

Night shift drivers are often seen driving erratically, and sometimes even getting distracted.

For this reason, they are required to check in on their passengers at least once a week and wear their seat belts.

This means that drivers are required not only to stay on the road as long as it takes to pick up passengers, but also to keep passengers’ eyes on them, even when they aren’t looking at the road.

Drivers in Houston have also had to adjust to the new night shift rules.

They must have a clear route to their passengers and must follow traffic laws.

This requires drivers to have proper navigation skills and to stay off the side of the road if possible.

Night shifts are the norm in Houston, but it can be hard to understand why it is so important for drivers to work night shifts.

Drivers in Texas need to take care of passengers and stay safe, but they also need to do their job safely and safely.

The second time you go out in the night, drivers in the city have to work to keep the roads clear.

This is where you need to make sure that your vehicle is ready for the next day.

This can be difficult for drivers who drive in the morning because they often have to wait in traffic for the first truck to arrive, and the trucks that arrive in the afternoon have to leave.

Drives are also expected to maintain a safe distance from each other during night shifts, and this is where night shifts need to be done right.

If you’re not paying attention, your car will start to drift and the driver could be knocked out.

This happens at least twice per night, so you need all of the time you can get.

The third time you get out of the car and into the night and into your vehicle, you’re going to need to drive around the city.

It will be hard for drivers of other vehicles to keep up, but drivers of trucks and vans have to be very careful, too.

These vehicles are used to working in traffic and drivers need the room to get around safely.

Driving in the dark will be a challenge for drivers, but night shifts in Houston can be tough to navigate.

If a night shift starts late in the evening, drivers may have to make difficult decisions about where to go and what to do.

There are no signs warning drivers about this, and if you have to choose between a safe route to your destination or not, drivers are going to be slow to change.

Night driving and night hours can also be challenging for drivers.

As drivers, you will need to deal with a lot of other drivers on the streets.

If the streets get too dangerous for you, you may have little choice but to turn off your lights, your sirens, and even your siren bell.

If you’re tired and tired of driving, you can always take a walk in the park.

You can even drive on the beach.

This may not sound so bad, but remember, nighttime driving is dangerous and drivers can fall.

Driving in the rain can be even worse.

In order to make it safer for drivers and passengers, night hours are only offered on weekends and holidays, which means drivers can have some rest and not have to worry about getting into trouble with the law.

Driven by safetySafety rules in Houston are important to night shift driver safety, but there are other safety measures that drivers should take to ensure


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