Why the Orange County Escorts are hiring, and why you should too

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department has officially launched an online recruitment campaign for escorts and other escort services to fill the need for local women.

The Department of Justice has already begun investigating the Orange, Los Angeles and Ventura Counties for the widespread abuse of escort services, but the department says it plans to hire more than 100 new officers to combat this problem, which has been a major source of concern to some community members and lawmakers alike.

The agency’s first-ever solicitation for escorting and escort services was announced on Wednesday.

The goal of the initiative is to help attract a broader range of women to the community, said Orange County District Attorney Robert Berliner.

This is an exciting time for the Orange and Southern California communities, said Angela Stadler, the Orange Sheriff’s Office’s deputy district attorney.

This initiative is going to be a tremendous resource for our agency and the people of Orange County.

The hiring of these women is a great step towards ensuring that the Orange community is a safer place for all of its residents, said Berliner, who added that this is the first step in his office’s efforts to reduce the incidence of abuse in the Orange area.

We’ve already had an increase in reports of abuse, and it’s time for us to continue to make sure we are addressing this problem.

I’m encouraged by the level of enthusiasm that we’ve received from our community and law enforcement community, and I am excited to continue this work and help make our communities a better place.

The Orange County Sheriffs Office has been working with the state attorney’s office to investigate alleged abuse of escorts by the local escort industry.

The Orange Sheriff has filed criminal charges against two escorts for allegedly using the services of an undercover officer and two female employees to do work for them, and has asked for a federal investigation.

But Berliner said he’s also encouraged by a report in The New York Times that some of the escorts were operating with the help of a company that was in business in California.

“It’s very troubling to see that a company can legally and illegally operate in California,” he said.

“And yet they’re still in business there.”

According to the Times, a number of escort firms have allegedly been operating illegally in the state for years.

A statement from the Orange county Sheriff’s office said that while the investigation into the alleged abuses is ongoing, it is confident that the sheriff’s office will be able to provide an unbiased and complete investigation.

“This agency is committed to doing everything in our power to address the safety and well-being of our community, including hiring more law enforcement officers to protect our citizens and to enforce our laws,” the statement said.

The statement added that it is not unusual for a number or even a few of escort agencies to operate illegally.

Berliner says the number of these cases he’s been involved with in the past are small.

“I think we have seen a small number of them in the last year, but I think we’ve seen a number,” he told Polygon.

“We have to have more people on the ground, we have to hire and train more officers.

We have to do it faster.”

He said the sheriff has been aware of the issue for a while and is aware that there’s an increased demand for escort services and the department is looking for more officers to help.

“This is a real problem that we have in Orange County,” he explained.

“It’s just so bad.

It’s so pervasive.

And it’s something that’s really, really difficult for law enforcement to deal with.”


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