How to make a fake escort, with an eye on your future

San Antonio, Texas — It’s a sunny morning in January.

The air is crisp and sunny.

A white Porsche pulls up to the entrance to the hotel in the historic heart of downtown San Antonio.

It’s the morning of an appointment with a man named Peter.

He is dressed in a black T-shirt and jeans, his hair down in a ponytail.

He wears a pair of white socks and sneakers and a white button-down shirt.

The two of them sit in a conference room with the windows facing each other, surrounded by white tablecloths and the carpet in front of them.

The walls are lined with glossy, colorful photos of San Antonio’s famed street performers and their escorts.

Peter pulls out a small laptop and sets up the appointment.

He takes the phone and calls his escort, a woman named Laura, and they get in touch with her.

Peter says she is a woman in her 30s who is a “beautiful escort,” a “pretty girl” with “a little bit of charisma.”

He says she has recently gotten a new job as an escort, which is to “help people find escorts” and help them find “quality escorts.”

Laura is excited about the job.

She says she loves being a prostitute, and she’s always wanted to be a professional escort.

“It’s like a dream come true,” she says.

Peter takes a deep breath.

“I have to ask you a few questions.”

Laura walks up to Peter and asks him if he’s comfortable with the appointment, and he agrees.

He explains that he’s an attorney, and the “Law of Attraction” requires a man to pay for the services of a woman to provide a man’s sexual gratification.

“You’re an escort,” Laura says, “but you’re not doing anything illegal.

You’re just escorting people.”

“I’m not doing something illegal,” Peter says.

“So what?”

Laura asks.

Peter pauses.

He asks her a few more questions.

Laura asks him what he does for a living.

Peter responds, “I do this for money.”

Peter asks her if she’s ever worked as an adult actress.

She responds, ‘Yes, but I didn’t like the money.’

Peter explains that his business is to provide an escorting service, not to sell sex.

He says that he does work for escorts to do jobs for clients.

“If you think you can do something better than that, then I can help you out,” Peter tells Laura.

“That’s the way it is,” Laura replies.

Peter asks Laura if she knows if she is an escort.

Laura says she doesn’t know.

Peter then asks Laura about her experience as a prostitute.

Laura tells him she had sex on the street.

“Then I just said, ‘Oh my God, I have a bad experience,'” she says, shaking her head.

Peter continues, “Then you’re just going to go, ‘What the hell do I do?

I don’t want to work here.'”

Laura continues to tell Peter that she’s a prostitute and to tell him she doesn´t want to have sex.

Peter tells her, “Oh, my God.

I can do that.”

Laura says that Peter then tells her that he needs to meet with her supervisor.

She continues to explain that she has been an escort for five years and that Peter is “very attractive” and that she wants to have a “nice” day with him.

She explains that Peter needs to pay her a fee for the escort services.

Peter looks at her in horror.

“This is a nightmare,” Laura tells Peter.

“My life is over.”

Laura tells her supervisor about the appointment and says that she is not going to have the escort.

Peter walks out the door.

Laura walks to her car and starts driving.

She drives until she reaches the parking lot, where she stops.

“Oh my god,” she yells at the car, “he just got in.”

Peter’s driver, a man in his 20s, turns out to be her supervisor, who tells her to pay the $1,000 fee.

Peter’s supervisor says, ‘I just don’t think you’re going to make it, Peter.’

“I just thought that maybe I was going to die,” Laura explains.

“He said, “Don’t worry about it.

Just get in here, get in the car.

“She drives to the back of the hotel, where Peter is waiting for her.

He tells her he’s going to pick her up.

Laura drives to Peter’s hotel room.

She tells him that she didn’t want the escort because she was a prostitute but that she was being paid for sex by Peter.

Peter puts his hands on her shoulders and begins to kiss her.

No, no, no,” Laura pleads, “please don’t


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