How to choose a safe, ethical, and ethical escort service in your state

As the Trump administration has taken aim at the nation’s largest escort industry, several states have begun taking steps to protect its businesses from potential threats.

In March, California enacted a law that allows anyone to sue a licensed escort if their escort is not paid for their services.

The state also allows escorts to sue their customers for up to $10,000 per escort. 

The new law was aimed at stopping unscrupulous escorts from using the legal system to obtain illegal fees.

It was one of the first states to adopt the law.

Last month, New Jersey passed a law aimed at protecting the state’s most popular escort services.

It requires escort service providers to disclose their clients’ personal information to law enforcement agencies and to allow clients to opt out of receiving calls from their escorts.

New Jersey also requires a licensed escort to complete a background check before being allowed to work.

“These laws provide safe, legal, and ethically licensed escort services in New Jersey,” Governor Chris Christie said in a statement.

“As the Trump Administration moves to crack down on the escorts and escort services that prey on our children, we must stand together.”

The new New Jersey law also protects escorts who work with children.

It requires those who work for a licensed, licensed escort to provide escorts with child-safe materials and to report suspected child exploitation. 

As The Hill reports, this is just one example of a series of new laws being passed across the country as the Trump era is taking hold.

There have also been multiple cases where the Trump White House has tried to make it harder for the people who work in these services to hold themselves accountable.

Earlier this year, Trump signed an executive order that requires all federal contractors to have a human resources director who can be fired if they “do not adequately respond to claims of sexual misconduct or discrimination.”


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