FT Myers: ‘I’d rather be a slave’

A Florida escort is the latest victim of online abuse as the latest escort to be targeted by online abuse.

The escort, whose real name is Jennifer Tinsley, is in Las Vegas with her fiancé when she was targeted by a Twitter account calling itself ‘Myers Escorts’.

“This is not a joke, it is real, she told ABC News.”

I had just got back from the Las Vegas convention and I’m not even going to lie, I was kind of shocked by it.

“Jennifer Tinsly, left, and fiance Jason Lewis pose in a photo from a Snapchat photo.

A tweet by @myersescorts, which referred to Tinsleys account, has since been removed.

Tinsley said the Twitter account had been impersonating a group of other escort companies.”

One of the people behind the account is my fiance and the rest of the members are not real,” she said.”

They have been doing this for a couple of weeks now and they are getting a lot of attention.

“Ms Tinslyn, who lives in Orlando, said the account had also been posting photos of her at events around the US and had asked for money to support the family.”

It’s not a scam.

It’s just a scam to try to get more attention,” she told the ABC.

Ms Tensly said she was not a member of the escort company or any of its staff and that she would not pay any of the group of people.”

No, I would not.

I would rather be on my own,” she added.

Tensly’s account was deleted by Twitter on Monday, but her fiance, Jason Lewis, has yet to comment on the account.”

This was a big mistake and it was a huge mistake, and it’s definitely not what we should be doing,” Ms Lewis told ABC TV.

Tysles Twitter account was hackedThe Tinsles Twitter accounts account was compromised on Monday and some of her followers were contacted by the account, which claimed to be from a group called “Masters of the Universe”.”

There’s people who have been posting videos of their exploits, like a lot [of] women,” Ms Tinsler said.

But she was unaware that the tweets were actually from another group.”

That’s just the worst thing that could happen to a girl, especially for a young girl,” Ms Nel told the station.”

And they’ve been tweeting pictures of themselves doing this, and they’re still on Twitter.

“Ms Nel said the accounts of the other escort company and the ‘Masters’ account had already been hacked, adding that the women who were targeted had been harassed.”

We’ve got a very large group of women who have already been contacted and have been targeted,” Ms Snedden said.

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