Las Vegas escort queens face legal fight to stop ‘pornographic’ ads

Two Las Vegas escorts who have been accused of running a prostitution ring have been granted a temporary restraining order against the ads.

The Nevada Supreme Court ruled Thursday that an escort company had no right to put the ads up.

The ads, which appeared in March, featured models posing as teenage girls and had explicit photos.

The escort agency that put up the ads had no legal recourse, the court said.

The judges said they were satisfied that the escort agency was using its discretion to put up ads.

One of the women who appeared in the ads was identified only as “Kathleen” in the order.

“The advertisements were offensive and, as a result, constitute conduct that, as well as defamatory, invasion of privacy, invasion or invasion of goodwill and a violation of the public trust,” the court wrote.

The court said the ads were “pornographically explicit” and that the ads contained material that “defamed” the escort.

The judge said she wanted the ads removed from public view and that if the ads continued to appear, the escort company would be liable.

“We are pleased that the court recognized that the advertisements in question were offensive to some people and defamative of others and that there are certain areas where the conduct of an individual can be regulated and regulated appropriately,” said Lisa L. O’Brien, one of the attorneys representing the escort sisters.

The escorts say they are being harassed by the escort business, which is known for selling the products to clients, and by the women’s escort company, which also owns the ads, and has been using them to lure clients.

They also have argued that the advertising campaign was in violation of Nevada’s consumer protection law, which prohibits advertising “in a manner that is obscene, indecent, or otherwise objectionable.”

The escort company has been sued before.

In 2008, a federal judge ruled that an ad on the internet that showed a naked woman in lingerie was defamating.

A court in California in 2011 ruled that ads promoting prostitution had to be removed after the ads depicted the nude person.

“If these ads continue to be placed on the Internet, they will be taken down in the foreseeable future,” said David B. Shurtleff, the president of the Nevada Coalition Against Escort Abuse.

The women’s attorney, Patricia J. Koppenhaver, said the court was making clear that there were “serious consequences” for the escort ads.

“This is a huge win for the women and their families and the law enforcement community,” she said.


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