‘We will be out here forever’: Hottest escort company in Texas gets new owner

It started out as a humble escorts business that offered a place to meet clients and had a focus on women.

But after the birth of her first child, Ms. Leung, the owner of a Houston-based escort agency, decided she wanted to create a company that would be a destination for escorts in the Houston area.

She began by reaching out to the owners of escorts on both sides of the border, which she knew from her past experience.

But now, Ms, Leung is turning to the city for help with a $4 million expansion that will create an even bigger business with more escorts and an added hotel.

“We will have more locations, more locations in Houston and Austin and beyond,” Ms. Lemung said.

“We are excited to be able to be here in the future and not just be a business.”

It will add new locations, new locations in Austin, Ms Lemung added.

Ms. Leuthung said she is confident she can build a better reputation in the Texas market and attract more clients and new customers.

Her company is the first to be part of the Houston-area Escort Network, a group of more than 300 escort agencies that offer services in the city.

She is the only one of the group to be based in Houston, and she is also a Houston native, having been born in the U.S. and raised in Houston.

She said she was motivated to expand her business after seeing what happened with her other agency, The Escort Alliance, which has locations in the Bayou City and on the west coast.

“They have been here for 40 years and they are still here,” Ms Leuthang said.

The new Houston location will bring more escorting opportunities, she added.

“Our experience in Houston was that we are not necessarily the best location for women to be, especially with a large population of women here, but we were able to grow our business and expand to be where we are now,” Ms Lemuthung told The Globe.

Ms Leuthong said the Houston market is a place where the industry needs to continue to grow.

“When you go to the grocery store or go to a gas station, women are going to buy whatever they want,” she said.

“It is not only the women who are going there.

The men are going.

And I think that is going to continue.”

Ms Leung said her goal is to have a network of about 100 escort agencies in Houston by 2020.

“The first 100 are going in the first two months,” she added, noting that she expects the growth to continue over the next few years.

“You are not going to have the same people coming in, but you will have the people coming back.

That is what is exciting about this industry,” Ms Luthung added, adding that she is already planning on opening up a second Houston location soon.

The business will also expand to include a new restaurant.

Ms Lemuhung said the first restaurant will be open by the end of the year.

“I am excited about opening it and we are going on the road to do that,” she told The Times.

Ms Lemuthunng said she hopes to open the first location in 2020, adding the restaurant will provide customers with a better experience than her existing location.

“This is going in line with our goals, but it is not going in our top 5 priorities,” she admitted.


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