‘I think he should be in prison’: Woman who says she was sexually assaulted by a former escort in Tennessee says he should stay behind bars

Tennessee’s top state trooper has apologized for his actions that led to the arrest of a man accused of sexually assaulting an escort.

Trooper Jason Blevins was the first person to speak publicly about the allegations, which were made by a female escort and were corroborated by an eyewitness.

Blevins apologized for the actions of his colleagues, including Lt.

Mike Blevinsky, the trooper who took the woman to the hospital after she reported being sexually assaulted in June, according to a statement from Tennessee’s state attorney general.

Bleginsky was arrested Friday.

He had been on paid administrative leave since May.

State Sen. Mike Bell, a Republican, said Blevin was charged with aggravated assault.

He said Bleginsky is a convicted sex offender and that his actions “created the very real possibility” of her being raped or harmed by Blevinski.

Bell said Bclinsky has apologized to the woman and her family.

Bclinsky’s attorney, Mark Jones, said Friday that he believes Blevinos actions were warranted.

He declined to comment further.

Jones said the woman, who has since filed a lawsuit, was not the victim in the case.

In the statement, Blevens attorney, Peter N. Dershowitz, said the trooper has done the right thing by his family, his officers and his colleagues.

“He has learned from this experience and he is fully committed to protecting and serving the people of Tennessee,” Dershys statement said.


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