New Jersey’s newest escorts can be trusted to protect their clients

SAN JOSE, Calif.

— — If you’re a woman who wants to travel to a new destination or just need to get home, you might want to consider escorting an exotic exotic dancer or entertainer.

The New Jersey law governing exotic dancers and entertainers says it’s up to the escort or escort-client to decide whether they want to accompany the client.

New Jersey law, which went into effect in October, says the escort is the “primary host” of the booking.

The law says the client has the right to refuse or withdraw the escort from the trip.

The law also says the owner of an exotic dancer’s or entertainers’ place of business must allow the client access to their premises for the purpose of engaging in sexual conduct, but the client is free to refuse to leave the premises.

If the escort and client don’t want to be photographed together, they are not allowed to photograph each other.

The new law allows an escort or an escort-Client to take pictures of an individual in a “secluded area of the premises for a reasonable period of time” and “while the individual is in the presence of the escort” if the escort does not use a security camera.

The owner of the establishment must ensure that the photos are “photographed in a manner that is not intended to be taken in a public place or in a private setting.”

But in a city where there’s no requirement for a camera to be on the premises, an escort is free for a “reasonable period of period” to take photos of anyone she wants in the area.

An escort must be over 21 and have a current photo ID, but she can ask to use a parent’s ID if her child is under 18.

If there are no parents, the client must show a parent ID and provide a photo.

The woman can ask a judge to order an escort to pay her $250 in fines, a $25 surcharge, or both if she chooses.

A woman who has sex with an exotic-dancer may also have to pay $100 to the client, plus $250 to the owner for each day the escorts stays at the hotel.

If she leaves the hotel within three days, the escort must pay her.

A client who has been charged $500 for an escort service, or $1,000 for an entertainer who has performed with an escort, may not be allowed to stay in the hotel without the escort’s permission.

The client must also pay an escorting fee.

A judge can order the escort to be arrested and charged with a crime if the client violates the law.

The escort must also give the client a copy of the law and a written notice that the escort cannot remain in the establishment without permission.

The city ordinance says that an escort must not use force or physical violence on a person who is under the age of 18 and cannot consent to the sexual conduct.

A law enforcement officer can arrest the client for a crime.

If a client or escort gets caught, the person may have to be detained until a judge decides whether to prosecute the case.

A lawyer who handles sex crimes in New Jersey has been working with the city to address issues surrounding the law enforcement’s ability to enforce the law, said Melissa Dominguez, a lawyer who has represented the city on sexual-assault cases.

If you or anyone you know is being sexually assaulted or sexually harassed, you should call the hotline at 800-656-HOPE (4673), Domingez said.


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