How to get the best taxi fares in Boston

The Boston Taxi Association’s annual “Taxi for the City” is now open to all drivers, and we are proud to announce that the association has announced that its “Taxicab for the Boston” competition has concluded.

The competition was designed to provide drivers with a better understanding of the industry, provide an opportunity to demonstrate their skills, and to provide an exciting opportunity for other drivers.

The event was held on September 16-17 in Boston, Massachusetts.

The winners will be chosen through a series of contests, and they will receive a certificate from the association that can be used to get a ride in the cab.

Winners will be awarded $25,000 in cash, and will also receive one month of free ride on Boston Taxi.

To enter, entrants must be in the Boston area, have a current driver’s license and must be over 21 years of age.

To qualify for a ride, participants must be able to meet the following requirements:1.

Have a current Massachusetts driver’s record or have a previous driving record that includes the words “BELLEVUE” or “PROVIDENCE”2.

Pass a written test (including driving history, driving record, and vehicle inspection) that includes at least 40 percent of the following:A.

Have two consecutive passes to the cab on at least two separate occasionsB.

Pass the written test within two months of receiving the certificateC.

Pass an approved driving safety test3.

Pass and pass again any other driving safety tests that have been approved by the Massachusetts Department of Motor Vehicles.


Pass written tests in the following areas:• Automobile repair• Emergency vehicle maintenance• Commercial vehicle maintenance, including vehicle maintenance and repairs for cargo• Engine maintenance• Gasoline gas tank repairs• Engine and fuel supply systems repairs• Suspension and rollover repair• Fuel tank repair with engine rebuildThe winners of the competition will be announced on October 7.

The winner will receive $25 and the association will send a certificate to the winner’s name to make the payment.

The winners of this competition will also be eligible for awards from the Taxi Association of Massachusetts.

The Boston taxi association has not awarded any awards to any of the finalists, but the winner will be contacted.

More information about the competition is available here.


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