Former escort is seeking $50,000 after she’s fired from ‘hotel sex’ gig

A former escort has filed a lawsuit claiming she was fired from a hotel sex service because she was too young to be considered an escort.

Sarah Mims, of Seattle, says she was paid less than $20 per hour, had to wear skimpy clothing, and she was often not allowed to do anything she didn’t want to do, such as having sex.

Mims said she was not allowed “to ask for anything of my client that I didn’t expect.”

The lawsuit, filed Tuesday in King County Superior Court, accuses the hotel of “unlawfully, without any reasonable cause” firing Mims after she quit in June, after more than two years with the escort service.

The suit alleges the hotel was negligent in its hiring policies, as well as the hotel’s management of its staffing.

“She was never a certified escort and her job was to get clients to sign contracts, not do sex,” attorney Kevin Schulenberg said of Mims.

“I think it’s just incredibly sad that the hotel doesn’t know how to handle their staff better.”

Schulberg, who has worked with Mims for the past year, said the lawsuit is the latest effort by an escort who claims she was denied a safe haven because of her age to gain access to the industry.

“We’re looking for more justice for these young women,” he said.

“It’s been an uphill battle.”

Mims has worked as an escort for nearly three years and said she never had a problem getting clients.

She said the hotel didn’t know her age or what she was like when she first started working there.

“My first job I never even knew I had,” she said.

She had no previous experience as an adult, Mims told KIRO-TV.

“That’s when I started getting really anxious and really nervous about it,” she told the television station.

“You know, just thinking, ‘Oh, I could do this.’

I never really thought I was going to be in the industry.”

The suit says Mims started working with the hotel in January, but her contract was not renewed until June, the same month she quit.

The lawsuit claims the hotel made the decision to fire her after a conversation with a management member who told her Mims’ age and gender was “a non-issue.”

In the conversation, the manager told Mims she was “younger than her, and we didn’t have a problem with that,” according to the suit.

Mips, the lawyer representing the hotel, did not immediately return a request for comment.

The lawyer for the hotel did not respond to a request from The Associated Press for comment on Mims’s claims.

Mears said she would like to see the hotel review the hiring policies of the company that hired her, as it could be a violation of the state’s law against employment discrimination.

“These laws protect everyone,” Mears told KRCR-TV, adding that she is hopeful the company will find the way to correct its hiring practices.

“What I’d like is for them to give a little more information about the staffing practices, the training, and the training policies and practices,” Mays said.


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