Which Escorts are Best for Portland?

Portland has a growing trend of cheap escort services, with a wide array of options, including escorts from Palm Springs, Miami, New York, Las Vegas, Orlando, Los Angeles, and many others.

And while Portland has become a hub for the industry, it can be challenging for newcomers to get the type of escort services you need.

Here’s a look at what to look for.1.

Palm Springs escorts for the homecoming crowd1.

A Miami escort from Palm Beach to Portland.

(Photo: Lisa Cordero)2.

The Palm Springs escort from Miami to Portland (Photo by Lisa Corders)3.

A New York escort from New York to Portland, New Jersey.

(Image: Lisa B. Loeffler)4.

A Las Vegas escort from Las Vegas to Portland for homecoming.

(Photos: Lisa Loeffer)5.

A Palm Springs massage therapist.

(Video: Lisa M. Corderos)6.

A Los Angeles massage therapist from LA to Portland as part of an escorting company.

(Credit: Lisa D. M. Loesch)7.

A massage therapist for the city of Portland, which offers homecoming escort services.

(Videos: Lisa H. Cascia and Laura H. Luesch)8.

A Portland massage therapist offering escorts on the homecomings of Portlanders.

(Graphic: Lisa A. Hochner)9.

A San Francisco massage therapist who is offering homecoming escorts to Portlanders who have never been to Portland before.

(Hugs from Lisa Loescher, Facebook)10.

A private, licensed massage therapist in Portland, Oregon.

(Sharon S. Lueck, Facebook, Instagram)11.

A licensed massage assistant from Seattle, Washington, who offers home-coming escort work in Portland.

 (Photo: Lauren Tabor)12.

A Houston massage therapist, whose work can be a bit more on the low-budget side.

(Bridget D. Riedel, Instagram, Twitter)13.

A professional massage therapist based in New York.

(Diane H. Lee, Instagram/Bridgies, Facebook/Bidgies)14.

A Seattle massage therapist specializing in massage therapy for Portlanders, offering home-based escort work for home-comings.

(Alyssa K. Kollenberg, Facebook Instagram)15.

A local massage therapist with a local massage studio in Portland specializing in home-bonding escort work.

(Loretta Rieff, Instagram Instagram)16.

A certified massage therapist by the Seattle Police Department who offers massage work in Seattle, and is based in the city.

(Riley Rieffer, Instagram / Seattle Police)17.

A home-body therapist based out of San Francisco, who specializes in homebonding massage therapy, offering escort work during homecoming homecoming celebrations.

(Karen F. Cernovich, Facebook and Instagram)18.

A family-friendly massage therapist out of Seattle, who is also based out there.

(Melissa A. Soto, Facebook Twitter)19.

A real estate agent who specializes with massage services.

(Photo by: Emily E. Zilcak)20.

A registered nurse who specializes on home-bound escorts.

(Sarah L. Schmitt, Facebook Facebook)21.

A personal trainer who specializes training homebound escort clients.

(Emily S. Daugherty, Instagram and Instagram, FacebookTwitter)22.

A California massage therapist working with the Portland Police Department and other local agencies in the state.

(Jessica M. Garcia, Instagram )23.

A trained massage therapist that specializes in massage services in Portland that also specializes in escorts and private massages.

(Sue H. Tabor, Instagram Twitter)24.

A nurse who works for the City of Portland who specializes homebound massage services for Portland residents.

(Kate F. Sorenson, Facebook / Portland Police)25.

A Licensed HomeBonding Massage Therapist (LMBMT) who specializes massage services, homebound escort work, and escorts during homecomings.

(Tina C. DeRocco, Instagram; Twitter)26.

A commercial massage therapist (licensed and certified) working with a variety of massage therapists and escort agencies.


(Lisa M. Dauch, Facebook; Twitter; Instagram)27.

A sex worker with a clientele of escorts in the Bay Area.

.(Marilyn A. Daulerio, InstagramTwitter)28.

A person with a passion for escorts who has specialized in escorting for the Portland area.

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