East Bay escorts ‘revenge porn’ on escorts who filed for divorce

A California couple is seeking a restraining order to prevent their daughters from going on vacation with them, and are threatening to sue them if they do.

Kimberly and Daniel Vazquez filed for a restraining request on Wednesday in federal court, according to a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Santa Ana.

The couple, who live in San Diego, say their daughters, who were last seen in June, are “revenge pornography” victims and that they want to “stop” the escorts from doing so.

“It’s our goal to get the Escorts and Vazquizzes removed from their children’s lives,” the complaint reads.

“Their actions are not only against our daughters, but against the very principles of their family.”

The Vazquays say they and their four children have been spending time together at a San Diego hotel, but the family said it has been “in violation” of their wishes.

“As a result, the family has decided to file suit to seek an injunction preventing the parties from engaging in any future travel with their daughters,” the lawsuit reads.

“The VAZQUIZES have been the victim of ‘repetitive, repeated, and/or intentional’ revenge porn.

In the past, they have been subject to harassment and retaliation for challenging the sexualized images and videos posted online by the Defendants.”

The couple is also demanding that they be removed from the family’s home in Los Angeles and have their passports confiscated.

A representative for the Vazques did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Escorts of California is a non-profit group that is working to educate the public about the harm of “repetctive, repeated and/and/or intentionally” revenge porn and to support victims.

The group says it’s working to help police departments around the country implement more robust policies and procedures for investigating revenge porn allegations.

The suit is being brought by attorney Brian McBride, who is representing Kimberly Vazquist and Daniel Valenzuela.


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