Aussie escort agency gets $10 million for long-haul escort service

The operator of a long-term escorting agency has received a $10-million investment from an Australian firm that operates in the United States, as the government’s new anti-money laundering laws kick in.

The Australian Financial Review newspaper reports that the operator of the long-established Escort Australia agency, which has operated in Australia since 2008, is now the owner of a business called Blackstar International, which offers “international escort services”.

Blackstar, which had previously been owned by the company known as The Escorts Club of America, said in a statement it was notifying the company that it would be changing its name to Blackstar Australia.

It said it would take the business “back to basics” and that it planned to create a new entity that would “provide the best service for our clients, including new opportunities to expand.”

It said the new entity would be based in Perth, which it said is “in the middle of the country”.

The new company, which is also owned by Blackstar, will now be managed by a new managing director who has worked with the company since 2010.

The Australian government’s rules aimed at protecting Australians from money laundering have led to a surge in the number of foreign money launderers being investigated by the Australian Tax Office.

As of July this year, the tax office had received over 4,500 inquiries about money laundering offences, which the agency said accounted for about 10 per cent of all its inquiries.

But the government is set to launch a crackdown on money laundering after it revealed that $3.5 billion worth of illicit proceeds from offshore entities was laundered through Australia.

It said last week that it had made more than $10 billion in illegal tax payments from offshore jurisdictions, including $5.2 billion in overseas tax refunds.

In June, the Australian Government announced that it was setting up a $3 billion-a-year anti-corruption taskforce to combat money laundering and tax evasion.

Since then, it has also proposed legislation to introduce a new anti, money laundering, tax and safety commission to look at the “dynamic risk” of money laundering.


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