‘I didn’t know the person was coming’

Fort Myers, Florida — The Phoenix Escorts has a new client: an escort from Montreal. 

The Montreal escort says she was approached by a man who said he would be a “good guy” for her.

The woman says she agreed to escort him to a bar where he would wait until the men were alone.

The woman said she was on her way to the bar with her friends when she was stopped by a group of men.

She says she didn’t recognize the man and he left without paying.

The Montreal Escorts said the man told her he had a date and the escort had to wait in a bar while the men went to their destination.

She says she paid him $10,000 and says she never saw the man again.

The woman says the escort, who didn’t want her name published, also had an encounter with the man in Miami.

She said she met him in Montreal last October at the hotel where she was staying.

He asked for money for his escort and said she could wait with him.

The escort, whom The Times cannot identify, said the group of escorts met at the Montreal hotel.

She was on a date with the Montreal man.

When the date ended, the escort says, she met a man in Montreal who offered her $20,000 for sex.

She agreed.

She said the escorts then had a sex act in Miami, which the Montreal woman said was a surprise.

The Montreal man, who declined to be named, also refused to be interviewed.

The hotel declined to comment.

The Escorts say the Montreal escort has no contact with the Toronto escort and has never been to the Toronto hotel.

The Toronto Escorts says they never met her and are not aware of her story.


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