“The End” trailer for the sequel to “The Beginning”

The end of the first movie in the new trilogy has arrived, and it’s a little scary.

But there’s something good about that. 

The first film was a bit… 

I guess that’s to be expected.

The sequel, “The First,” is more of a throwback to the original movie, though the ending is somewhat different.

It feels like an extended cut, though there’s no indication of what’s coming next.

The plot is similar to the first film, with the characters going to a school for gifted kids and the hero (a high school senior) learning to become a good boy and a good man.

The original movie had the hero having to overcome his father’s bad tendencies.

“The Second” is set after the events of “The Beginnings.”

The hero is a young college student who is struggling with an identity crisis.

He starts a club called the “Abandoned Boys,” which has a few members that are his friends.

He meets a girl and her family who are trying to help him, but it’s not working out, so he ends up leaving for the outdoors and becomes a hunter. 

“The Second,” which will be released on May 15, marks the end of “Abe’s First,” a story set in the same universe as “The Last,” the last movie in “The Original Trilogy.”

There’s no new story to tell here, but there are some big changes, too.

First, the hero’s father is no longer around.

Instead, he’s a ghostly figure who’s been haunting Abe and his friends for a long time. 

This isn’t the only big change, either.

In the original film, Abe’s father was the one who tried to kidnap Abe, but he was eventually defeated and released. 

Now, his ghostly presence is gone, and Abe is just trying to find his own way in the world.

The new ending also has a major impact on the story, though it’s hard to tell.

The previous movie had Abe find a way to become an excellent hunter, and the new ending takes away that opportunity. 

Another change is the villain, a creature known as the “Papuan Wolf.”

In the previous film, the papuan wolf was a giant that would attack and devour people.

In “The Third,” it was just a small wolf. 

Some people speculate that this is a nod to the character of “Hank Hill,” the original antagonist from the first trilogy.

That character, a human, was a real-life character. 

And now, the “Cthulhu” is back! 

The “Ching” character is back, though his identity is not revealed. 

I’m not a fan of the name Cthulhu, so I’m going to refer to him as “Lurker.” 

There’s one big change from the previous movie.

Abe’s dad, who was in the first series, died. 

That changed Abe’s relationship with his father.

In previous movies, the son was the good guy.

But this time, he feels like he’s doing the right thing.

It’s a shame that he’s going to lose his father, because he was the person who had to save Abe. 

It also means that the “Second” film is a bit darker.

The story focuses on the hero and his friend trying to learn how to be good.

They end up trying to kill the papusans that are terrorizing the school.

They’re a threat to everyone in town, but they’re also the only way to stop the papuans. 

In the sequel, the two boys and the ghostly creature will be working with the school’s principal, who’s a real ghost who comes to school to see the boys. 

There are some changes in the ending, too, though, including the return of the papuses.

But that’s just one of the major changes. 

Overall, I’m still loving the new film, but I’ve got to admit that the ending feels a bit rushed. 

What did you think of “First” and “Second”?

Sound off in the comments section below!


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