Why the Chicago Escort Association wants to make it easier to get a Chicago escort

An Illinois escort association is launching a new app to help users search for a Chicago-based escort who might want to have a drink and talk.

The escorts app, named ‘ChiCi’ and available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, allows users to search for any of hundreds of Chicago-area escorts on its website.

The search results come from a variety of sources, including the company’s own database, as well as other app platforms such as Google and Yahoo!.

“We are working on a more comprehensive search service that includes multiple sources, but we wanted to give users the ability to choose their own destination in search results to help them find an experienced, safe escort who’s comfortable interacting with their family and friends,” said Jennifer Egan, CEO of the Illinois Escorts Association.

“ChiCs is an ideal way for people to find a safe, affordable, and reliable escort in their area.”

The app will also allow users to find escorts in their local area that are willing to share their home addresses, phone numbers, and addresses.

A quick check of the Chicago-to-Chicago search results will also give users an idea of what kind of escort the user might want.

The app also allows users in the Chicago area to submit their address, phone number, and any other information they might want on a profile, such as a phone number.

Users can also search for escort listings in the same city or state where the person resides.

The Chicago-centric app also gives users the option to search by zip code or by state.

The Chicago Escorts’ app allows users the same search features as the apps listed above.

The service is currently available for iOS and Android devices.

The Illinois Escort’s website has also launched a mobile app, which is available on both platforms.

Egan also says the app is available in Spanish and Portuguese.

“We know that people want to connect with an experienced escort in the right city for them and our app will allow them to do just that,” she said.


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